Creator’s Blog: An Introduction

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog! While my first official post comes this Friday, I wanted to lay the groundwork for it here.

Why start a blog? I meet tons of wonderful people when I go to conventions, and it bothers me that I don’t have enough time to tell people about all the cool stuff going on in Mythica Gaming. My hope is that by starting this blog those of you who are interested in what’s going on in the world of Draxia and Mythica Gaming can stay up to date.


I will take on a different topic each week. The first Friday of the month will be tabletop game news. I will talk about what games I have in development, along with my thoughts and reasoning behind why I am developing the games the way I am. For instance, I will discuss the first Legends of Draxia expansion – Corrupted Mana. It’s the first of four expansions to the original game.

The second Friday of the month will be Draxia lore. I will discuss topics ranging from how and why magic works, how various races interact with each other, even down to the architectural design of buildings.

The third Friday of the month is Draxia RPG news. I will give insights into why I designed the system the way I did. This is where I’ll discuss updates to the system and game modules I’m working on and post things like stat sheets for new characters and monsters, spell descriptions, and details on updated equipment.

Running an early version of Legends of Draxia at a convention.

The fourth Friday of the month will be conventions and business. In these posts I will talk about the conventions I have been to and the conventions I plan to attend. I have found it surprisingly difficult to find information about conventions, so I hope this information will be helpful for other con-goers. I will strive to provide facts – size, location, price to attend, activities, etc. Since everyone goes to conventions for different reasons I intend this segment to be as unbiased as possible, providing information rather than opinion.

My goal for this blog is to provide both entertainment and useful information. I hope that you enjoy the topics discussed and I look forward to meeting everyone reading this at a convention someday!

Here’s to Epic Dreams and Epic Ideas,

Jimmy Sanders
Lead Game Designer
Mythica Gaming LLC