Vision Statement

To design games that bring people together through the camaraderie or competition of a good, well-designed game.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build a portfolio of Gateway Games that includes a product in every game genre to meet the gaming style and preference of each individual so everyone can join in the fun.


Our philosophy at Mythica Gaming is that play is important. It’s good for the heart, mind, body, and soul. To meet the human need for play, we produce a wide variety of high quality games in different gaming genres that appeal to gamers and non-gamers alike. We call these Gateway Games – simple to learn, elegant in design, but with a depth of play often missing from traditional “family games”. Accessible games that non-gamers can understand and learn to play in a short time while captivating gamers with variable and interesting gameplay. Games both camps will enjoy playing together for years.

We have watched and listened in awe at the impact our games have had on families and friendships. We are honored by the gift of your precious time spent playing our games. We want that time to always have been well-spent.

Our Products

Our flagship project is the Draxia Universe which was first introduced with the Legends of Draxia board game. The original Legends of Draxia board game will have a total of 4 expansions, each expanding gameplay as well as following the lore of Draxia. The Draxia Universe has expanded to include an RPG system, character biographies, a short story, a written history with lore and maps, and additional tabletop games in various gaming genres under development.

In addition to the Draxia world, Mythica Gaming has non-Draxia games including Fates of Madness, Kuddly Kymera and Trumps and Ladders, with many more in the pipeline.

Welcome to Mythica Gaming!

Get To Know Our Founders

Mythica Gaming was founded by four people with a dream. Click here to read their stories.