Jimmy Sanders

Jimmy has been a gamer since he was a toddler pointing out the best path to anyone playing the family’s Legend of Zelda video game. At age 12, Jimmy was diagnosed with Stargardts Juvenile Macular Degeneration. He lost all central vision by the age of 17. Jimmy’s limited vision changed some gaming options for him, and while attending college for Chemistry and Biology, he discovered a wide range of RPG and tabletop games. A mathematician at heart, Jimmy analyzed and mentally rated the gameplay, refining what he considered a “good” game.

He brings that analytic mind and creative imagination honed by his limited vision to all his game designs. His goal is to create games that are elegant and simple in gameplay but complex and variable in strategy, making them accessible and interesting to non-gamers and gamers alike. Jimmy is happily married with two daughters and lives on a small farm in the Midwest.

Theresa Weibler

Theresa joined her brother Jimmy to officially found Mythica Gaming, LLC in 2016. She took on the company’s business operations and worked tirelessly to create a foundation that would carry them forward. Theresa created the original graphic design and initial marketing materials for Legends of Draxia. She holds a Bachelors of Fine Art from Southern Illinois University with a specialization in ceramics and has a background in metalwork and kiln-formed glass casting. Theresa spends her free time renovating the 100-year-old house she and her husband bought and loves anything that involves power tools. They have one daughter.

Danai Kittivathana

Danai was the original Lead Artist for Legends of Draxia. In November 2014, Jimmy’s older brother introduced Danai and Jimmy. They quickly realized they shared a vision for a gaming company. Danai as an accomplished artist was looking for more outlets, and Jimmy had some alpha games Danai very much enjoyed. Together they decided to take the leap and Danai began creating the art assets for Legends of Draxia.

Collier Sanders (no relation)

Collier rounds out the Mythica Gaming co-founders. He met Jimmy, Theresa, and Jimmy’s wife in college, independently of each other. They all still remember the “moment of truth” when everyone figured out everyone was connected. He helped with initial playtesting of Legends of Draxia and was Jimmy’s ride to conventions in the first few years as they made a circuit and demo’d games together. At that time he had joined the Sanders’ household as a temporary step while getting relocated with a new job and ended up staying for 2 years, participating in evening and weekend work sessions. He came up with the title “Trumps and Ladders” and brainstormed various game concepts to build around the title. An Engineer by trade, Collier spends his free time playing Magic: The Gathering.