About Kuddly Kymera

Kuddly Kymera was a fun project whose whimsical images come from artist Lisa Sell.  We loved Lisa’s art and Lisa as a person, and we all wanted to do a project together.

Over dinner after the vendor hall closed at GameHoleCon one year, we went through several game ideas together. Her favorite was Kuddly Kymera. She immediately started talking through the images that popped into her head and we knew we’d found our artist for the project.

We had been playing an art-free beta version of Kuddly Kymera at conventions for several years, waiting for the right artistic fit to bring it to life.  Lisa Sell absolutely nailed it!


We hope you love the art as much as we do, and have as much fun playing it with kiddos or at a party with adult beverages.  It works in both situations!



Who drew the art?

Lisa Sell

Who designed the gameplay?

Jimmy Sanders

Who did the graphic design?

Theresa Weibler did the initial design; Walter Stephens did the polish.

What’s the age range for the game?

We recommend ages 6 and up.  Younger children can play, but might need some help with the math.

How many can play?

The game supports 2-6 players.

When did the game come out?

October 2021