About Dualing Dice

Dualing Dice was born as a game concept while we were driving to a convention. 

We had recently started carrying dice to sell at our vendor booth which got Jimmy thinking about designing dice games.  He threw out a number of ideas, then got excited about this one. 

As he rattled off the game mechanics and basic rules he had just made up, I opened my laptop and started taking dictation. Basic rules laid out, I opened a spreadsheet and started recording the Goal Card sequences he was spouting off as quickly as I could type. Once back home, I did the usual prototyping in a Word document and cutting out bits of paper for each Goal card.  We played some rounds, did some tweaking, then Covid-19 hit.


We paused development of Dualing Dice while we worked instead on a Mobile App version of Legends of Draxia with Cellbloc Studios.  Through our work with Cellbloc Studios, we developed a great working relationship with Walter Stephens, the graphic designer for Dualing Dice.  

We finished the game in Fall 2021, did a Kickstarter in January 2022, and now it exists!


Who designed the gameplay?

Jimmy Sanders designed the gameplay.

Who did the graphic design?

Walter Stephens did the graphic design.

What’s the age range for the game?

We recommend ages 8 and up.  Younger children can play but will likely play without the depth of strategy that the game affords older players.

How many can play?

The game supports 2-4 players out of the box, but there are 8 Scoring Cards included.  By adding your own dice, the game will support up to 8 players.

When did the game come out?

Spring 2022