Draxia: Human Culture and Society

Hello everyone, today is another Draxia lore post. The focus today will be on human culture and society. To properly understand modern human society, it is important to understand how magic works, and human history. I would recommend reading those lore posts before this one to fully understand why society works the way it does.

The Average Draxian

The average Draxian citizen is actually quite interesting. The easy access to magic means that most people in Draxia employ it to a certain degree. With only minimal training, people can learn how to heal minor wounds, create fresh food or water, and even create small teleportation portals large enough to transfer small items. Since even minor magic requires mana, which costs money, the poorest of citizens will only use magic sparingly. However, most Draxians have one or more small bowl size mana pools to create a small amount of mana each day.

Humans use mana to improve their bow shots.
Most humans in Draxia naturally incorporate magic into their daily lives. Hunters will frequently use it to improve their bow shots while hunting wild game. Laborers use magic to improve their stamina to work longer. Traveling merchants create food on their long journeys. In addition to the mundane tasks, some people will specialize with certain kinds of magic to accomplish more impressive things.


The most common way to specialize with magic is to join a guild. People train in a wizards guild for arcane magic, a temple for divine, and an adventurers guild for warfare. Wizards guilds offers numerous fields of magical study. The primary categories of study are elemental, conjuration, and distortion. Wizards guilds make most of their money by using their vast teleportation networks in order to transfer people and their valuables from one city to another. Temples in Draxia have taken on a dual purpose, to serve both the spiritual and physical health of the community. Most temples will train anyone who expresses interest in the healing arts. Adventurers guilds will teach members how to channel mana to improve their physical abilities. Adventuring guilds have recently become popular. This was in response to many cities offering bounties to clear the surrounding areas of dangerous beasts and monsters.

Draxian Politics

The political landscape of Draxia is currently made up of numerous independent city states. Centuries ago Draxia had a handful of larger kingdoms, but after the fall of man, society was splintered. Without any central authorities, the wilderness has taken over most of the continent, leaving it dangerous and fragmented. Many of the more powerful cities are beginning to reclaim their surrounding lands, creating new city-states. At the moment there is plenty of wilderness to reclaim, but some of the coastal cities are beginning to encroach on each other. As the threats from wild beasts and monsters diminish, tensions between rival cities begin to grow.
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