Legends of Draxia – Monsters of Nairu Expansion

Legends of Draxia – Monsters of Nairu Expansion


Terrifying Boss Monsters have descended upon the lands of Nairu, and the call has gone out for Heroes to slay them – for fame and fortune, of course.

In this expansion to the Legends of Draxia, players will need to work together to kill these monsters. You can buy help, if you can afford it. Available for hire are mercenary soldiers of fortune: Moon Elf mountain warriors, and desert-dwelling Sun Elf archers.

Includes standard game board. *NOTE: Expansion cannot be played without the Legends of Draxia base game.

Mythica Gaming is proud to debut the second Legends of Draxia expansion, Legends of Draxia: Monsters of Nairu, which adds a semi-cooperative element to further expand game play.  

Fighting monsters has always been a key element of Legends of Draxia, but Monsters of Nairu raises the fight to a whole new level. When Boss Monsters enter play, they can persist on the board for multiple rounds, modifying the game rules until they are killed.  So you better kill them fast! Boss Monsters are so imposing, even their cards are bigger!

As if giant-sized Boss Monsters weren't enough extra game play, Monsters of Nairu also adds a new Mercenaries card deck which brings additional strategies for winning a Legends of Draxia game. Mercenaries are one-time-use producers of bows and/or swords needed to defeat Monsters. Mercenaries also provide Victory Points for the player who hires them.

Introducing Elves to the Draxia Universe! In this expansion, the new heroes are the leaders of Draxia's two native elven tribes: the desert-dwelling Sun Elves and their rivals, the Moon Elves of the northern mountains.

Game includes:

  • 9 unique Boss Monster cards: Abomination, Chimera, Dire Wolf Pack, Goblin King Horde, Lich, Minotaur, Orc Warlord, Red Dragon, Shadow Horror
  • 30 Mercenary cards: 6 each Moon Elf Raider, Moon Elf Warriors, Soldiers of Fortune, Sun Elf Archers, Sun Elf Scout
  • 2 Hero cards: Moon Elf Chieftain, Sun Elf Hunter
  • 3 “Boss Attacks!” Monster Deck placeholder cards
  • 1 Boss Monster Health Pointer card
  • 1 expansion game board
  • 1 rule booklet

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