Fates of Madness – An Adventure Card Game, 2nd Edition

Fates of Madness – An Adventure Card Game, 2nd Edition


Fates of Madness is a single-player or cooperative role-playing adventure card game. Take control of a party of adventurers out to destroy the evil lurking in the wilderness. The party’s skill and resilience will be tested by Scenarios and Monsters, and their determination will be rewarded with potions and treasure. Fate cards determine success or failure; Madness enters as the journey continues. This horror-themed adventure uses art from Legendary Games’ Gothic Horror Compendium. The revised Second Edition features updated rules and graphics, and includes a 300-page Adventure Guidebook with 7 branching adventure paths.

In Fates of Madness, you can play alone or with up to four friends as you select and guide a party of four brave adventurers on quests exploring locations for treasure and slaying monsters for loot.

For a better play experience, the revised Second Edition includes an Adventure Guidebook with updated Game Rules, glossary, tutorial, hints, and 7 replayable branching adventure modules. It's like having a game master in the box!

Game Contains:

  • 300-page Adventure Guidebook
  • 8 Character cards (Alchemist, Bard, Cleric, Inquisitor, Paladin, Ranger, Witch, Wizard)
  • 7 Scenario cards
  • 7 Monster cards
  • 5 Boss Monster cards
  • 27 Fate cards
  • 16 Equipment cards
  • 20 Potion cards
  • 14 Treasure cards
  • 4 Character Health Tracker cards
  • 1 Monster Health Tracker card

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Number of Players


Game Length

20-40 minutes (estimated)


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