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Our flagship project is the Legends of Draxia board game. Mythica Gaming has a variety of premium prints from all of our games. These prints are all 11 x 17 and are the perfect gift for board game geeks.


(from Legends of Draxia: Monsters of Nairu)
This dragon print comes from an upcoming expansion to our hit game and adds new gameplay mechanics to the base game. This dragon print is perfect for gifts.

Below you’ll find premium prints made from the character art on our various games. These prints make great gifts and look great with any decor. Browse below and let us know if you have any questions by emailing:

Wolf Pack Print

Orc Warlord Print

Minotaur Print

Lich Print

Shadow Horror Print

Dragon Print

Abomination Print

Chimera Print

Warlock Print

Dread Knight Print

Women of Draxia Print

Monster Montage Print

Merchant Print

Dragonslayer Print

Wizard Print

Assassin Print

Thief Print

Sorcerer Print

Ranger Print

Paladin Print

Fighter Print

Druid Print

Cleric Print

Bard Print

Barbarian Print