Defense of Draxia,

A Worker Placement Game


Hello everyone! Today is the first Friday of the month, which means tabletop games are the topic of discussion. I am currently developing a game in the Draxia universe that I am extremely excited about. It is a cooperative worker placement/mass defense game whose working title is “Defense of Draxia”. This means that all players work together and win or lose as a group. For those unfamiliar with worker placement games, each player places workers on the board during the “worker placement” phase of each round, and then uses the workers in the action phase of the round. In my new game the workers will be producing resources and military units. “Mass defense” means that during the combat (action) phase of the game there are numerous heroes and monsters fighting all at once.


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Convention Review:

Gen Con, Geek.Kon, and GrandCon


Hello everyone, today is all about the conventions I am attending. I live in Illinois, which means most of the conventions I attend are in states adjacent to Illinois. Hopefully someday I will be able to travel to the coasts to attend the amazing conventions out there, but for now I will be talking about the ones I know and love. The conventions on the list today are Gen Con, Geek.Kon, and GrandCon.

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Draxia RPG – A Breakdown


Hello again! Today I will be talking about the Draxia RPG. I am going over the RPG as a whole, highlighting some of the more unique parts in it. I intend not only to provide information about the system, but give the reasoning behind it. In future posts this segment of the monthly blog will contain information about RPG game modules and new components being added to the system.

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Magic in Draxia


Hello everyone! Today is Draxia Lore Day. The fundamental driving force for almost everything in Draxia is magic. The production and use of magic influences where cities are founded, the types of jobs that exist, how people interact with beasts and monsters, even the architecture of buildings. With something as influential as magic in Draxia, it is important to understand how and why magic works to understand the world itself.

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Corrupted Mana, The Expansion


Hello everyone! It’s the first Friday of the month so I am going to talk about tabletop game development today. Specifically, the first expansion, Legends of Draxia: Corrupted Mana.   I know many of you have heard me talk about it before, and some have even played it, but I wanted to make sure no one was left out of the loop. Continue reading

Creator’s Blog: An Introduction


Jimmy Sanders

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