Draxia:  Human Culture and Society



Hello everyone, today is another Draxia lore post. The focus today will be on human culture and society. To properly understand modern human society, it is important to understand how magic works, and human history. I would recommend reading those lore posts before this one to fully understand why society works the way it does.


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An Update from the Team



Hello everyone!  Jimmy was unable to get a blog post ready for this week, but we thought we’d give you a quick update about what’s happening here at Mythica Gaming:

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Convention Tips and Tricks



Hello again, today* is another convention post. Normally I focus on the conventions I have been to recently, or about to go to. My post last month pretty well covered my current conventions. I decided to change things up a bit and give some suggestions for how to attend conventions, and get the most out of them. When I look at a convention I focus on three main things, housing, volunteer/GM perks, and convention activities.


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Draxia RPG: Monsters



Hello again, today we have another Draxia RPG post. The topic for today is what makes a monster. I feel it is important that a monster feels right, both thematically and mechanically. For this reason, when I started to make my monsters I broke them down into groups. Currently I have three groups, humanoid, beast, and undead. I have plans to expand these groups to include constructs, elementals, and more.


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Draxia: The History of Humans



Hello everyone, and welcome to Draxia lore week!  Today’s topic is about the human history of Draxia: what human society was like pre-magic, the fall of civilization, and the current situation. Due to the paradigm shift caused by the discovery of magic, the calendar dating system is based on the year magic was discovered: before Enlightenment (B.E.) and After Enlightenment (A.E.). Continue reading

Game Development: Kuddly Kymera


Today I will be talking about one of my games that I have in development – Kuddly Kymera.  Kuddly Kymera is a simple card game designed for ages 5+.  In it,  players attempt to make cute animals for themselves, and ugly monsters for opponents.

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Bonus Post: House Rules



Today marks the fifth Friday of the month, so I decided to write a stand-alone post about house rules.  Creating house rules for games is definitely what set me on the path of game design.  I find that creating house rules can greatly increase both the enjoyment and functionality of many games.

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Convention Review:

GrandCon, Archon, and Gamehole Con


Hello everyone, today’s topic is the conventions I have attended recently or will be attending soon.  Specifically, I will look at GrandCon, Archon, and Gamehole Con.  As always, my goal is to provide useful information to help you determine whether it is the right convention for you.

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Draxia RPG: Crafting and

Spell Creation



Since today is the third Friday of the month it’s time for another RPG update. What I will be discussing today is focused on crafting equipment, enchanting equipment, and creating custom spells.  I have always found when I play in an RPG that I have a strong desire to create.  Unfortunately, in most RPG systems I have played, the rigidity of the system severely limits what kinds of objects can be made. That drove my desire to create a system that is highly flexible and allows a player to create a wide variety of truly unique things.


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A Background On Corrupted Mana



Hello everyone, today is the second Friday of the month which means I’m talking Draxian lore.  Today I will delve into the darker side of magic.  As mentioned in the last lore post, magical energy is reflected by metals, and can be used to create bowls which concentrate magical energy.  When made from high quality materials, such as silver and gold, the bowls are called mana pools.  When a low quality metal is used, such as lead, the mana created is tainted. Bowls made from low quality metal are called corrupted mana pools.


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