Danai Kittivathana Bio

Danai – Artist

Danai has worked in the Interactive Entertainment industry for 10 years.  He started in Quality Assurance, then progressed from object modeler to concept artist.  Danai worked on such titles as Captain America – Super Solider (Wii), The Conduit (Wii) and Marvel’s Avengers Initiative (iOS/Android).   Jimmy’s older brother saw the possibilities and introduced Danai to Jimmy.  They quickly realized they shared a vision for a gaming company.  Jimmy introduced his alpha version of Legends of Draxia to Danai.  Together they decided to take the leap and Danai began creating the art assets for Legends of Draxia.  When Danai is not busy creating art for games both digital and traditional, he likes to spend his time playing board games, walking with his beloved Shiba Inu, Hachi, or partaking in the occasional gank or two in the arenas of World of Warcraft.