How Legends of Draxia and Mythica Gaming Came to Be…..

Jimmy has been working on an idea for a card game/RPG since 2014.  It was originally scribbled on paper and played around the family table as he worked out the mechanics and game balance.  As the game began to solidify Danai offered to work on game art for the card game.  This was when they realized the potential the game had.  Collier joined in on the adventure and they began to bring the beta version of Legends of Draxia to cons to gain feedback on how to improve the game.  This went on for almost a year before they decided to take the leap and launch their first Kickstarter.  As the Kickstarter increased in popularity, and surpassed the initial goal for funding, Mythica Gaming as a company started to become a reality.  After the Kickstarter ended, they had received enough funding to not only purchase the game to send to their backers, but had the ability to purchase enough games to start selling Legends of Draxia on a retail level.  They realized the company was growing and reached out to Theresa and asked her to join the team to help manage the business operations of Mythica Gaming.  Mythica Gaming became an official company on March 3rd, 2016.  Since then they have been very busy going to gaming conventions, working on new game ideas, and working their tails off!  They are currently working on preparing the next Kickstarter for the expansion of Legends of Draxia, Corrupted Mana.